Forex Profit Supreme signal indicator should form a red arrow pointing downward. Forex Profit Supreme Filter indicator should form red bars.

Forex Profit Supreme Dline indicator should be red. Place your short position when above parameters are met.

Take your profit when amibroker robo trading afl Forex Profit Supreme Signal indicator forms a blue arrow pointing upward. How to Copy Forex Expert Advisor Trades to Multiple MT4 Accounts. How to Copy Forex Expert Advisor amibroker robo trading Trades afl to Multiple MT4 Accounts. Did you know that you can easily run an Expert Adviser (EA) on a MetaTrader 4 (MT4) account and simultaneously copy its crypto trading robot software trades to amibroker robo other trading afl MT4 accounts, even if they’re located in other countries? Inherently, MT4 doesn’t allow simultaneous copying of trades to multiple forex accounts. Therefore, a good way to do this is to use a forex trade copier software called the Local Trade Copier (LTC), amibroker robo trading afl which has been used by hundreds of traders and account managers since 2010.

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First, you’ll need to set up the LTC on one MT4 account (called a Master account). The master account is a regular MT4 afl trading robo amibroker account but we call it master because you choose to send trades from this account to another account. Thereafter, you’ll link the Master account with the other MT4 accounts located on the same computer or Virtual Private Server (VPS) server. Consequently, if your Forex EA initiates trades on the master account, the same trades are automatically replicated to the other accounts, eliminating the need to amibroker robo trading afl manually enter the same trades on every MT4 platform. Here are some benefits you’ll gain from using the LTC EA to mirror trades to other accounts. The forex market is fast-moving and changes usually happen very fast. Thus, if you want to cling to manually replicating trades to several accounts, you can make costly mistakes that can amibroker robo trading afl greatly reduce your profits. If your EA amibroker robo trading afl works only with a particular broker, you afl trading robo amibroker can set up the LTC trade copier and copy its trades to other MT4 accounts provided by other brokers. If you have amibroker robo trading afl a single EA license for one MT4 amibroker robo trading afl account, and using it on other terminals requires purchasing additional licenses, you can set up the LTC trade copier, and avoid buying the extra licenses.

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If your Forex EA works well on a demo account, and using it on a live account requires purchasing a full version, you can set amibroker robo trading up afl the LTC trade copier to duplicate trades from a demo account to a live account, and avoid buying the EA.

With amibroker robo trading afl the LTC trade copier, you can successfully create an investment portfolio of several MT4 accounts and become an independent account manager without signing lengthy contract agreements. Today, the forex industry is littered with unregulated brokers who are out to siphon money from unsuspecting traders. But if you are forced to open an account with an unregulated broker to use some trading strategy or signals then afl trading robo amibroker you can safely duplicate trades to other MT4 accounts you can have with reputable and trusted brokers in your home country. PAMM accounts are the invention of some brokers to gain as much as possible from their clients.

Therefore, instead of operating an amibroker robo trading afl expensive PAMM account, you can trade several accounts simultaneously using a trade copier, and greatly minimize your costs. Setting up LTC on an MT4 on your computer is easy and can be completed in less than 5 minutes. It’s important to mention that the same procedure roboforex register can be used for installing the trade copier on your remote computers, such as VPS or dedicated servers. Here’s a breakdown of the procedure you can follow to effortlessly copy forex trades to multiple MT4 accounts.

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Install multiple MT4 platforms Configure and login into the MT4 accounts Install the Local Trade Copier software Link LTC Server EA to MT4 Master account Link LTC Client EA to MT4 Client accounts Duplicate your first trade. The initial step is to install multiple MT4 trading platforms on your computer or VPS server. You can use the same process as a amibroker normal robo trading afl MT4 installation. Importantly, remember to choose different installation babon scalping system destinations for every MT4 terminal.

If you click the “Settings” button, you’ll be directed to a page where you can set your preferred destination folder settings. On the page, you can choose the installation folder and give the platform an appropriate name.

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